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Aidan Storey Sacred Spray -  The Christ Energy

Aidan Storey Sacred Spray - The Christ Energy

Irish Apothecary
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Powerfully bask in Jesus' essence. The highest order of healing.

Author, International Speaker and Angelic Intuitive - Aidan Storey has master-crafted a range of seven ‘Sacred Sprays’. Aidan’s reputation and presence in the literature and spiritual world has been hugely noted over the last number of years. Most recently, compiling and printing his own Angel Hug cards. 

His bespoke Sacred Sprays remove all negative energies, uplift and ground your entire space. These master-crafted sprays have a base of 100% pure essential oils infused with all natural ingredients providing emotional and health benefits.

The Seven Sacred Sprays include Holy Spirit, Jesus, Angels of Divine Light, Aidan’s Angels, Reiki, St. Germain and Mary Magdalene.