Irish Apothecary offer an alternative and holistic health service. We are dedicated to the health and wellness of our customers. We believe wellness is an active process, a state of living and it all begins with being aware and making choices that are conducive to a fulfilling life journey. We are devoted to nurturing, guiding, and supporting you along this path.
 Lisa Shackleton

Reiki Master, IET Master, Certified Crystal Therapist, Certified Angel Therapist, Certified Angel Reader, Certified Aromatherapist, Certified Past Life Healer, Certified Laughter Yoga Therapist, Author. 

Lisa specialises in bringing personal, intuitive, and accurate blessings to your life.
Spirituality conceptualised is about the connection with ‘being’; comfortable, confident, and collective about your inner journey rather than the belief in someone else’s in a bid to blanket us with comfort.

Her nurturing guidance and teachings allow us to understand the frequency of energy and how it affects us in our lives.
Lisa has worked with the angelic and universal kingdom since her inception on this earth in this lifetime, she has methodically made peace, joy, and love with it on her own terms without the influence of others. Her impartial persona in a safe oasis guides you to embrace the same euphoric, fulfilling path with support.

We are all energy; it is physics in Albert Einstein’s words! Understanding energy is much more than us. It is our environment, our relationships, our human mechanical bodies, and our earth. Learning about our surroundings and our own energy systems helps us live the life we are born to live.

Lisa will support you in all stages of your spiritual, emotional, and energetic journey, starting the process and reaching your goal.
With decades of experience in all areas, you are in very safe hands. A master and a life wader, Lisa supports humanity worldwide on their journey. Lisa is a member of the International Association of Therapists.
Nicole Langan

Master Herbalist, Master Reiki Therapist, Master in TFT & EFT Tapping Technique, Training in Motivational Coaching and Empowerment, Training in Personal Development Mentoring, Certificate in Doctor of Medicine, Training in Emotional Intelligence,  doTERRA Essential Oil Training, Certificate in AromaTouch Massage, Certificate in Happiness Life Coaching, Certificate in Presentation & Performance for Media, HND in Print Journalism, BA (Hons) Degree in Media Production Management, Diploma in Meridian Psychotherapy, Diploma in Hygge, Diploma in Relaxation Therapy, Certificate in Mind Reconditioning, Certificate of Training with Bernard Beckwith (The Secret), Certificate of Training with Bob Proctor (The Secret), Certificate of Training with Stevey McGeown, Certificate in Fire Walking & Walking on Broken Glass - Power of the Mind, Holistic Facialist Diploma, Certificate in Start Your Own Business Training, Certificate in Mindfulness, TICN (The Investment Club Network), Financial Training, Author.

Nicole’s unique approach to elevated consciousness allows her clients to feel renewed, reconditioned, revitalised, and empowered. With an abundance of qualifications and experience on many different platforms, she uses a holistic approach that is client-led. She assists people to step into their full power, realise and reach their true potential and goal-sets their fulfilment.

Connecting with people from all walks of life and on many platforms, she raises your vibrational happiness with a sustainable approach. It is important to her that we live our lives with authenticity and confidence. We are all unique and it is her truest pleasure to introduce you to yourself with divine eyes and an open heart. She feels emotional intelligence should be a defined subject in our schools so we could all lift from the same structured foundation.

 In these times, now more than ever, inner peace and happiness are most important. This includes your job, your place in your family, your relationships, your peers, and your love. Balance is key to harmony and in this philosophical theory is how Nicole creates a space for you to thrive in your life on every level. Gift yourself the process of a powerful vitality.  
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