Welcome to Irish Apothecary!

Irish Apothecary offers an alternative and holistic health service. We are dedicated to the health and wellness of our customers. We believe wellness is an active process, a state of living and it all begins with being aware and making choices that are conducive to a fulfilling life journey. We are devoted to nurturing, guiding, and supporting you along this path.

Residing in the award-winning heart of the West of Ireland, Westport, Co. Mayo, This nurtured store became great because of you. Thank you for your custom and visitation, it is what makes a custom, high quality, hand-made product business possible.

An apothecary (pronounced uh·po·thuh·kuh·ree
commonly translates as an ‘holistic pharmacy’.  It is our absolute pleasure to cater for your needs. It is a core ethic of ours to custom fit many products to intricately suit your needs rather than the other way around! We do this by blending, compiling and integrate them especially for you. Extensive and continued training is laced into our service.

We have thousands and thousands of products and variations. We would probably need a constant team of people to upload them all online – maybe someday! But for now, please feel free to contact us directly for any advice, recommendations, product knowledge etc. Our mission is to do our ultimate best to guide you in the healing, improving and / or rejuvenation of your integral self.

We stock supplements direct from specialists all over the world, we have practically every essential oil in its purest form on the planet, we make our own blends, organic skincare, elixirs etc. There literally is a healing aid for everything. If we don’t have it or is beyond our expertise, we have a team of extended experts to whom we will refer you to in a bid for greater understanding of self and your ailment. You will be in the hands of mastery every step of the way.

Unity, transparency, education, healing and balance are the foundational mix we work from. One size does not fit all and that is what makes us all great as human beings. We spend the time with you to gain a whole perspective of you and then go from there – hence the holistic approach. When we heal and balance – it is then we can thrive. We were all born to thrive, we need not to constantly strive!

Each product is nurtured with love and attentiveness, it is born from source and blended to suit your needs. We love hearing feedback as it helps us grow with you. We are all a family of authenticity on the same journey – to live and thrive in health, peace, love and happiness optimally. Thank you for allowing us to be part of yours. 

With decades of experience and an abundance of qualifications, Nicole organically born this concept to fruition with it being customer and client-led. She teaches on various topics by facilitating webinars and courses online about a plethora of topics as well as leading her Irish College of Apothecary. Subscribe for updates on these! 

About Nicole Langan...

Certificate in Doctor of Medicine, Master Herbalist, Aromatherapist, Master Reiki Therapist, Master in TFT & EFT Tapping Technique, Training in Motivational Coaching and Empowerment, Training in Personal Development Mentoring, Training in Emotional Intelligence,  doTERRA Essential Oil Training, Certificate in AromaTouch Massage, Certificate in Happiness Life Coaching, Certificate in Presentation & Performance for Media, HND in Print Journalism, BA (Hons) Degree in Media Production Management, Diploma in Meridian Psychotherapy, Diploma in Hygge, Diploma in Relaxation Therapy, Certificate in Mind Reconditioning, Certificate of Training with Bernard Beckwith (The Secret), Certificate of Training with Bob Proctor (The Secret), Certificate of Training with Stevey McGeown, Certificate in Fire Walking & Walking on Broken Glass - Power of the Mind, Holistic Facialist Diploma, Certificate in Start Your Own Business Training, Certificate in Mindfulness, TICN (The Investment Club Network) Financial Training, Enneagram Training Author.

Nicole’s unique approach to elevated consciousness allows her clients to feel renewed, reconditioned, revitalised and empowered. With an abundance of qualifications and experience on many different platforms, she uses a holistic approach that is client-led. She assists people to step into their full power, realise and reach their true potential and goal-sets their fulfillment.

Connecting with people from all walks of life and on many platforms, she raises your vibrational happiness with a sustainable approach. It is important to her that we live our lives with authenticity, balance, optimal health and confidence.

In these times, now more than ever, inner peace and happiness are most important. Nicole advocates, ‘Balance is key to harmony and it is then you will live in powerful vitality’. 
Just had my third order arrive by post. This treatment has been blended according to my specific needs, and made in the shop for me. The ladies in the shop listened to what my issues were and I found this oil really works for me. It helps me switch off at night, calm me down and get a good quality sleep. I'm excited for bed already! Thank you ladies x
T. McGettigan
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