Duration Varies · from €50.00 

Benefits of Seichem - The benefits of Reiki-Seichem are endless. If you are basically healthy, Seichem works to help you stay clear and balanced. If you have been diagnosed with a disease, received an injury, or fallen under any other sources of stress, Seichem assists the natural healing process and works well in conjunction with traditional medicine. Speeding up the physical healing process as it accelerates the body’s self-healing capability.

* Bringing in harmony and balance on all levels. 
* Releasing stress and anxiety. 
* Easing pain. 
* Clearing emotional issues and bringing about a heightened sense of             well-being. 
* Improving intuition, creativity, memory, and learning. 
* Providing renewed vitality. 
* Assisting the body in cleansing itself from toxins. 
* Boosting the immune system. 
* Balancing sleep patterns. 
* Clearing of addictive patterns. 
* Increasing awareness of one’s sole purpose and connection to the Divine.

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