Forgiveness, Essential Oil Mist

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Size: 30ml Luxury Mist

Size: 30ml Luxury Mist
30ml Luxury Mist
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Product Description

Forgiveness is having to forgive something or someone that really hurt you and that situation created feelings of anger, sadness disappointment, loneliness, fear and much much more.

Forgiveness is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. It doesn't mean you will forget but that you are letting your mind and heart be more free of pain and negativity. Sometimes we also need to forgive ourselves too. This blend will help promote feelings of contentment, peace, relief and patience for your mind and body.

Using the purest and finest of essential oils, this blend brings you the best of natural medicine for your physical, emotional and spiritual needs. 

Each recipe has been handmade and master-crafted just for you.

Product Ingredients

Luxury Mist

Pure MelissaVetiverRosewoodSageFrankincense and Sandalwood Essential Oils infused with Organic Frankincense & Rose Water

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More Product Information

A luxury mist is your pure essential oil blend infused with a floral water. These are great for hard to reach areas, fast absorbency, aura mists, room mists, body sprays, linen and pillow fragrances. 

As our products are pure and potent, when this become half full you can refill with some distilled filtered water, twice. Give it a couple of hours to re-infuse and you are ready to go again! Bring or send back your bottle for a same blend refill and receive €1.50 off your purchase price!

Love this blend so much? Why not add it to an organic body custard or other sk

Did you know, you can create your own, click on the ‘Create Your Own’ tab at the top of your screen.

It is advisable to patch test product before use. Do not ingest. Keep out of direct reach from children. Store in a cool dry place. Take necessary precautions when using other medicines and during pregnancy.

Cobalt Blue Glass bottle with spray top 

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