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Simply Be Collection


Pure Frankincense Essential Oil infused with Fractionated Coconut Oil.

Irish Apothecary's Own Brand
100% Pure Essential Oil


Frankincense oil is a member of the Burseraceae family. This oil has a fresh, terpene top note with a rich, sweet-balsamic undertone and is classed as a base note. Frankincense blends well with camphoraceous, citrus, earthy, floral, herby, minty, spicy and woodsy oils.

Frankincense is packed full of anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent and carminative properties. It is widely known for its benefits in skincare, especially fighting against acne and is tremendous at countering stress-related conditions.

The Frankincense tree originates from the Middle East, and is small with abundant pinnacle leaves. The flowers are white or pale pink.

Frankincense is from the French word 'Franc' meaning luxuriant or it could be real incense. Also known as Olibanum, Frankincense was used by the ancient Egyptians as an offering to the gods and as a rejuvenating facemask.

Frankincense Pure Essential Oil is used as an aid in the following: Alzheimers Disease, Aneurysm, Arthritis, Asthma, Balance, Breathing, Cancer, Coma, Coughs, Depression, Fibroids, Genital Warts, Hepatitis, Immune System Support, Vision, Infected Wounds, Inflammation, Liver Cirrhosis, Memory, Mental Fatigue, After Miscarriage, Moles, MRSA, Multiple Sclerosis, Nasal Polyp, Parkinson's Disease, Plague, Postpartum Depression, Scarring (Prevention), Tumor (Lipoma), Ulcers, Uterus Tissue Regeneration, Virus of Nerves, Warts and Wrinkles. 

Botanical Name:  Boswellia Serrata
Origin:  India
Family:  Burseraceae
Plant Part:  Resin
Extraction Method:  Steam Distillation
Note:  Base
Colour:  Pale yellow
Consistency:  Medium
Aromatic Scent:  Frankincense has a woody, spicy, haunting smell.
It is slightly camphoric, but is regarded as more pleasant.
Blends Well With:  Basil, bergamot, cardamom, cedarwood, chamomile,
cinnamon, clary sage, coriander, geranium, ginger essential oils.


Best applied on pulse points, back of the neck (largest pores), soles of the feet (largest pores) and problem areas. As we apply our blend in through the largest pores, it is said that it enters the bloodstream in as little as a few minutes. Emotional blends are very effective with this application as we are optimising the ability to harmonise your mind and body. Science states three times a day is sufficient, any more is placebo – which as we know has its own magnificent effects also!

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