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Title: Sleep Tutorial

Sleep Tutorial
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A tutorial sharing all the different ways to achieve harmony in your mind and body. It incorporates various aspects, applying an holistic approach, to help you achieve the best level of well-being.

Sleep is our foundational healing process. A long sleep and a good laugh works wonders for the body and mind! Sometimes the good laugh comes after a good sleep! Learn all the tools and products to get that great deep restful, fulfilled sleep. It is a lot easier than we think and whether it is getting to sleep, quietening our busy mind, staying asleep or simply feeling safe to sleep, this tutorial will cover all them aspects. In this exceptionally busy world and life, we need to balance our healing and give ourselves the best possible chance at health. 

It covers areas of general healing knowledge, essential oil treatment, supplementation, your body's science and your bodily needs to optimise your own well-being. 

    Course Availability: January 2024

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    About Nicole

    Founder of Irish Apothecary, Nicole is passionate about helping people take control of their health and well-being. An expert in apothecary With decades of experience and an abundance of qualifications, she empowers anyone to step into their full power and live with authenticity, balance, optimal health, and confidence. Join her online webinars and courses to discover the power of apothecary and feel renewed, revitalized, and reconditioned. Subscribe for updates on her sustainable approach to inner peace and happiness.

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