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Product Description

Support your immune system with the benefits of Kombucha infused with green tea to assist in the body's natural immunity and aid in overall wellness. The Kombucha fungus is a symbiosis of different micro organisms and is said to have a lot of positive characteristics. The extract we are using in this blend immediately dissolves when brewed. The mallow blossoms help greatly to harmonise your digestion. An overall booster to help elevate you up and meet life with a solid foundation.


Product Ingredients

Green Tea (93 %), Kombucha Powder (5%) (maltodextrin), Green Tea, Herb Blend, Cane Sugar, Water, Kombucha Cultures, Flavouring and Mallow Blossoms.

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Brewing Details:

  • 2-3 minutes brewing time
  • 75° – 80° C water temperature
  • 4-5 level tsp./1 litre 

Make your own Ice Tea:

  1. Brew 4-5 tsp. of loose leaf tea with 1 liter of boiled water (for green tea you need about 75-80 C of water temperature).
  2. Leave for about 3-5 min, then remove the leaves (you can use the tea strainer for easier brewing).
  3. Add some sugar or honey to taste (optional), stir well.
  4. Cool the tea up to room temperature,  then place into the fridge for couple of hours or overnight.
  5. Serve optional with couple of ice cubes and enjoy.

Weight: 120g

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