Menopausal Support Cooling Spritzer

Menopausal Support Cooling Spritzer

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This cooling spritzer balances, uplifts and provides relief for heat flushes.

Each recipe has been handmade and master-crafted just for you.

Luxury Mist

Pure Peppermint, White Grapefruit, Clary Sage, Cypress and Rose Essential Oils infused with Witch Hazel Water.

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- Luxury Mist

A luxury mist is your pure essential oil blend infused with a floral water. These are great for hard to reach areas, fast absorbency, aura mists, room mists, body sprays, linen and pillow fragrances. They are all natural and can be used on the skin. It will be stated on each product what floral water is used. Very often in mists we use witch hazel water because it gives the blend very good vibrancy. As our products are pure and potent, when this become half full you can refill with some distilled filtered water, twice. Give it a couple of hours to re-infuse and you are ready to go again! Add to your notes at checkout if you would like a different floral water to what is stated. Click on this link for the list available. Bring or send back your bottle for a same blend refill and receive €1.50 off your purchase price!

Love this blend so much? Why not add it to an organic body custard or other skincare.

Did you know, you can also make your own – click on this link here.