Rose Geranium & Frankincense, Organic Hand Cream

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Product Description

Enriched with natural Shea and Cocoa Butter, this hand cream absorbs quickly to protect, nourish and moisturise your skin. 

Rose Geranium Oil is known to have remarkable calming effects on the body, helping people who suffer from depression and anxiety. It also contains strong antibacterial and anti-fungal abilities which can help to protect your body from infection. It can also be used as a soothing and antimicrobial topical agent to help treat bacterial acne. Rose Geranium Oil is also used to promote emotional stability, alleviate pain, stimulate healing from burns and wounds, enhance mood and reduce inflammation.

Frankincense is packed full of anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent and carminative properties. It is widely known for its benefits in skincare, especially fighting against acne and is tremendous at countering stress-related conditions.


Remarkably softening.

Just a light application and your hands will feel pampered and protected all day.

Paraben-free; Sulfate-Free; propylene glycol-free, DEA-free and artificial colour-free.

Hand-whipped and beautifully blessed just for you.

A deliciously decadent moisturiser that is perfect for all skin types.

Vegan Friendly

Product Ingredients

Pure Rose Geranium and Frankincense Essential Oils infused with organic hand cream base.

Paraben-free; Sulfate-Free; propylene glycol-free, DEA-free and artificial colour-free.

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Glass 60ml Jar

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Margaret Lonergan

Hand Cream - Rose Geranium and Frankincense

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