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Incense - Archangel Gabriel

Incense - Archangel Gabriel

Irish Apothecary
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Archangel Gabriel incense is a beautiful fragranced incense with a reviving and restoring properties.

Incense is used widely in many religious practices to deepen attention, heighten senses and uplift one's own spirit when practicing meditation. 

Breathe in the tantalizing and soothing aroma of Archangel Gabriel incense. feel calm, peaceful and serene while drawing tranquility into your life with the mesmerising fragrance of this incense made using naturally grown herbs, aphrodisiac resins and essential oils. 

This beautifully romantic incense produces a lingering aroma that makes you feel revived.

Direction for use: Simply light the tip of your Di Giuliani Incense Stick and wait for it to glow. Then blow out the flame and place in an incense holder for a beautiful fragrance throughout your home.


  • Contains 20 incense sticks approx
  • Made from perfumery raw materials only
  • Packaging is recyclable
  • For best results place in on incense holder
  • Burn time 30 minutes approx. per stick