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Product Description

Countryside mint is a lifelike fragrance, with fresh-crushed garden mint, combined with a hint of white tea. Simply wonderful and refreshing.

As always, the highest grade of fragrance oil is used with eco soy wax and a double bamboo wick to create approx. 35 hours of burning. The jar is reusable and no perfumery alcohol added.

Product Ingredients

Countryside Mint blended fragrance oil infused with 100% Eco Soy Wax dressed with Organic Nettle Leaves and Chamomile Blossoms.

More Product Information

270ml square glass candle jar


Tips on Candle Care

  • Burn candles on a heat resistant surface away from drafts
  • For the first burn, let the candle melt to the edge for a smooth surface.
  • Feel free to make a wish, each time you blow out / extinguish your candle.
  • Trim any excess wick for a consistent clean burn
  • Upcycle your candle jar or return it to us and receive money off your next purchase.


Q: My wick won’t stay lit on first lighting


A: On the first lighting, circulate the flame around the wick and leave once the flame has caught to the wood wick. Alternatively, it could take a couple of lightings otherwise for it to stay lit until it reaches the wax.


Q My wick won’t stay lit in candle


A: Dab away or drain excess melted wax from the area around the wick to give it enough space to burn. Remember it's not the wood fueling your candle's flame, it's the wax



Q: My flame is smouldering


A: Drain away a little wax from around the wick with a spoon and watch it increase its flame, it is drowning and just needs a little space to shine!


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