Mullein, Organic Herbal Tea

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Mullein Tea: Loose Mullein Tea

Loose Mullein Tea
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Product Description

The leaves and flowers are highly recommended as a cough remedy, especially for a dry, hacking cough, asthma, bronchitis etc. It is also sometimes given for kidney complaints. Applied externally, compresses of the leaves, which contain mucilage properties, are said to soften tumours, hardened swellings and inflammatory conditions of the skin.

Product Ingredients

Pure Mullein Leaf 

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The tea is recommended to be strained through coffee filter paper as the fine hairs can be irritating on the mucous membrane if swallowed.


Place one teaspoon into your coffee filter and brew for 3-4 mins. Continue to use for five cups utilising the whole pure leaf tea. Alternatively, place one tablespoon into your filtered teapot and brew for 3-4 mins.

 Weight: 50g


Customer Reviews

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Excellent product!
I recommend to everyone!!!

Marian Nugent
Mullein Tea

Love this tea, I use in my filter tea pot, the taste is earthy and enjoyable. I will be buying again.


Lovely earthy tea, great if you have a cold. Need to have a filter though. I really enjoy it.

Janet Wallace
Amazing products

Thank you for my order I am really pleased with it and the extra gifts I received I love the mullein tea it is so fresh and earthy I am delighted and will definitely be back for more orders

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