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Title: 15 minutes
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Book a private clinic appointment with Nicole Langan, owner of Irish Apothecary, to discuss your needs. 

Whatever the ailment, discomfort, disease - your speciality needs are in good hands. She will guide you on the best course of action such as create you a blend, refer you to a specialist, test your bodily flow. Feel heard and empowered. 

A specialised, solution-based session with Nicole to address all of your medicinal, physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

With decades of experience and an abundance of qualifications, Nicole organically born this concept to fruition with it being customer and client-led. She teaches most quarters on various topics by facilitating webinars and courses online on a plethora of topics. Subscribe for updates on these!

About Nicole Langan | Owner

With decades of experience and an abundance of qualifications, I organically born this concept to fruition since 2015 with it being customer and client-led alongside a great team.  

Whether you enjoy our products for purpose or pleasure, we know we will contribute to your well-being. The energy, science and scent of each product has profound effects on our overall health.

My unique approach to elevated consciousness allows my customers and clients to feel educated, renewed, reconditioned, revitalised and empowered. It is important to me that we live our lives with authenticity, balance, optimal health and confidence.

‘Balance is key to harmony and it is then you will live in powerful vitality’.

I teach on various topics by facilitating tutorials and courses online on an plethora of topics. 

A list of current courses and tutorials can be found by clicking on Irish College of Apothecary tab above. 



  • Manufacture and provide a product to fit the well-being needs of others
  • Educate people to help themselves and be the best they can be; physically, emotionally and spiritually
  • Increase confidence, self-worth and overall health levels
  • Lace together all well-being modalities for one to thrive
  • Create a trend of well-being and fulfilment


Receive 10% off product purchase, same day of consultation. 

About Nicole

Founder of Irish Apothecary, Nicole is passionate about helping people take control of their health and well-being. An expert in apothecary With decades of experience and an abundance of qualifications, she empowers anyone to step into their full power and live with authenticity, balance, optimal health, and confidence. Join her online webinars and courses to discover the power of apothecary and feel renewed, revitalized, and reconditioned. Subscribe for updates on her sustainable approach to inner peace and happiness.

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