Sandalwood, 100% Pure Fragrance Oil

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Product Description

A woody, exotic scent from the Far East. It's an excellent choice for renewing positive energies and was used as a natural aphrodisiac in ancient times. This popular scent is perfect when it comes to creating a sensual and intimate ambience.

Our Fragrance Oils have been specifically formulated to be suitable for oil burners and skin care items. The scents are rich, complex and long-lasting.

Patch test first on the skin before direct topical application. For sensitive skin, dilution with a carrier oil or skin care base would be recommended. 

For use in an oil burner, fill the well with water and add 3-5 drops. 

For use in a diffuser, fill the water tank and add 3-5 drops. 

Your fragrance comes with a dropper top. Please add to your notes if you would like extra tops to accompany your fragrance oil; serum pump, fast-release roller top & cap, slow-release roller top & cap, pipette.

Product Ingredients

Pure Sandalwood Fragrance Oil

More Product Information

They are produced with the latest technical equipment, including mass spectroscopy, gas chromatography, simulated critical fluid extraction and rotary vapour extraction methods.

They can also be enjoyed in a diffuser for scent. However, medicinal properties are limited because of its manufacturing. 

Please keep out of direct reach of children and animals. Fragrance oils best used in a well-ventilated area. Never use internally. Always check if there are any medical issues which could cause a problem. Please note that Fragrance Oils are partly and naturally synthetic and should not be confused with Pure Essential Oils. 

Green Glass Bottle with a dropper top

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